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  • Color – Modern Red Creme
    Has a brick or russet tone to it that makes it work wonderfully with earth tones and other fall hues. Not a shouting red. Full coverage in one coat. Wears well and perfect for all seasons. It also looks great next to the skin.

    Our Conscience
    You are reading this because you care about your own health and the environment around you. We are together with you on this, and that’s the basic drive behind our products.

    1. Implements Rapid-Dry formulation which helps nail color to dry up in less than 30 seconds.
    2. Extends the life of your manicure and pedicure by protecting your nails from staining and becoming brittle.
    3. Get your nails original shine back to life within the first couple of applications.

    You will never look at the nail color in same way. Again.

  • 5 Toxins Free Nail Color

    We feel warmth and proud to present you India’s First Nail Color free of 5 most harmful toxins.

    We stay away from:
    1. Formaldehyde
    2. Formaldehyde resin
    3. Toluene
    4. DBP
    5. Camphor

    Don’t sacrifice style for non-toxic nails. Get the best of both.

  • 1. Start with a base coat. Give a smooth base to protect your nails from damage and staining.

    2. Give each coat time to dry, before applying the next coat. This evenly spreads the color on your nails.

    3. Always start your brush strokes from the cuticle to the open edge and cover the region till the tip of each nail. Also apply nail color slightly under the nail tips to extend the life of manicure.

    4. Apply white between the base coat and the color to make your nails stand out.

    5. Finish off with a top coat.

    Re-apply as required to maintain a fresh looking manicure.

    Enlighten others. Share these tips to your near and dear.

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